The cornerstone of effective operational support.







As an outsourced resource with 19 years of experience in the call center and customer service industry, Ashaun has lots of solutions we have successfully implemented for our clients. In all cases, the focus is never about us. It’s always about them.

At Ashaun we listen carefully and work diligently to understand our clients’ business before suggesting any solutions. The industry, mission, goals, objectives, clients, customers, competitors, and employees -- all matter. But the only real reason we are ever in the building, sitting at “the table,” is to fill a need or solve a problem.

Maybe the issue is employee turnover, customer retention, quality, performance, or training. It may be a technical or operational issue, or a combination of 50 “little” things that are holding you back. Or none of the above.

In a complex, high-tech, multichannel environment where change is the only constant, identifying underlying core issues is rarely simple or easy. If it was, companies would do it themselves. Some do try. Many fail. The bottom line? We help clients identify and solve the operational and customer support issues they need to resolve, internally, so they can achieve their goals and excel, externally, out in the marketplace.

As an outsourced solution, Ashaun’s first goal is to build trust. Building trust begins with transparency and a mutual desire to identify and solve existing problems. In the course of our work on any project, our goals are always client-driven. We are there to solve the client’s short-term problems, so they can achieve their long-terms goals. Once begun, we are relentless in going the extra-mile to not only make a difference operationally, but to “Be a Difference Maker” in our clients’ ongoing success. 




Ashaun is a “customer-centric” company dedicated to serving clients, customers, and employees in the way that fully supports what clients need and their customers want.

The needs of clients and customers evolve overtime. Good companies recognize this. Great companies act on it. If your firm is not holistically focused on engaging “customers” moment-to-moment with the product, service, support and media preferences they want that align with their needs, you will find it difficult to keep up with your competitors who do.

Highly-trained, fully-engaged employees are our most important asset. At Ashaun, every employee, in every location, division, department and workgroup, understands the significance of his or her personal role and how it positively contributes to the success of the client, the loyalty of the customer, and the overall success of the team. Most importantly, they understand that it is the client customer, the persons they serve daily, who ultimately “write their paycheck.”

Here, Customer Appreciation Day, is every day! To not instill, teach and demonstrate this ‘attitude of gratitude’ to young employees is akin to developmental abuse. When we count our blessings, included along with our families, friends, and employees, are our clients and their customers. The latter, not only deserve our respect and daily appreciation, their evolving needs drive the bulk of our business decisions. They are, literally, without exception, the center of our business universe, strategy, and service offerings.

Customer Centricity is not a fad for a few, but a field guide for business success and survival. To know the evolving needs of your clients and their customers, so you can adapt and serve them accordingly, is to grow in business wisdom and common sense. It is a focal point executive teams can use to eliminate divisional silos, and replace them with a united workforce that understands the importance of their individual and collective roles and how “what they do” matters to the customers they serve, the clients they partner with, and employees they work with across the enterprise.



Companies like people, increase their value with “specificity.”  To be a ‘jack of all trades’ and a ‘master of none’ is typically a future filled with two things: career uncertainty and unplanned mediocrity.  If you are good at everything, chances are you will not be truly sensational at anything. Unfortunately, that’s true for most people, in most jobs. And it’s also true of many companies in most industries.

That’s not to say that experience across multiple industries and careers paths does not have value. There are always exceptions. But to be “truly exceptional,” companies, and those who lead them, need to uncover the strengths, gifts, and God-given talents of their people – and grow them.

Inside many companies and organizations are people filled with greatness, even genius. Many of them live from paycheck to paycheck, biding their time until something better comes along. Their passion to do something great, right where they are – has been squelched. Why? Because the work may not challenge them, and the opportunities for advancement may be meager and few.

At Ashaun, our goal is to hire good people with great potential and help them grow through challenging positions that require them to call upon their strengths and deliver their very best. When we hire talent for a project, we look for industry-specific experience, coupled with a healthy, positive, can-do attitude. We align the gifts and skill sets of the employee to the client’s specific needs for the position. We screen, interview and train, track their progress, provide ongoing feedback, and help them grow! At Ashaun, our team members work with the client team to establish a positive, authentic, goal-focused, collaborative relationship that is pure “Win-Win-Win!” 

Understanding the industry-specific needs and goals of clients and their customers, enables Ashaun to identify and hire the right people, with the right attitude, education, skills and experience to build trust and consistently meet project goals, day-after-day, month-after-month, year-over-year.



At Ashaun, our greatest strength is building quality, long-term relationships with the client organizations we work with and serve. Our chief aim is not only to work with great organizations and clients, but truly understand your mission and needs, so we can help you reach your goals and expectations…and exceed them.

Ashaun customizes its operating solutions around the specific needs and goals of each client and their brand. Because projects can vary widely based on client needs, goals and objectives, the concept of one size fits all, is never part of our solution set.

Beginning with the end in mind (i.e. your specific needs and goals) is always the best place to start.

Consistent quality customer experiences lead to increased customer retention, sales, profitability, and long-term loyalty, and are a major reason why clients reach out to us for contact center support. Cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency are critical, and a frequent need of growing businesses seeking quality outsourced solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing is a major need of many firms. Outsourcing your organization’s need to efficiently update ever-changing data and customer information can be critical.  Ashaun’s advanced best practices data security systems and protocols keep private client and customer health information locked-up and highly secure. HIPPA training and industry best practices security standards are integral to this, and fully in place at all times.

In a multi-channel environment where phone calls, text messages, social media and emails are all part of the communication mix, the quality, volume and performance of each agent is always tracked and recorded.

Since its founding in the year 2000, Ashaun has consistently provided a seamless standard of excellence that has met or exceeded client requirements, and industry best practices for service level and performance. Highly-trained agents provide an invisible, private-label experience that immerses the customer into the quality and feel of the client company.

Scalability and rapid deployment enable Ashaun clients to save time, money, and accelerate speed to market. For 19 years, Ashaun has consistently delivered client “Peace of Mind.” The kind of peace of mind major clients like Cigna, Dell, International Game Technologies, the State of Tennessee, and many others, have come to rely on.