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Ashaun’s Multichannel contact center leverage the latest in email management technology that integrates our automatic call distribution queues and with our email response system to maximize our agent utilization rates.

Responding to issues with 24/7 Ashaun’s live agents can increase customer satisfaction and increase retention.

Ashaun’s superb email services has fused the workforce and the training course convenience to safeguard data that your customer matters are resolved swiftly and successfully.

As email volume increases due to seasonality or specific support issues, Ashaun’s email services allows the flexibility to ramp up quickly to respond to all email inquiries in a well-timed routine. Advance your Email Customer Support and experience. Concentrate on your core business.


Are you looking for new ways to provide tailored, timely care to your customers? If you’re not using Live Chat thus far, rest assured your competitors are! Ashaun call center solutions understands that adding Live Chat to your in-house operations can be an intimidating prospect.

Ashaun can manage your website inquires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ashaun will instantaneously pinpoint technical issues with your website as soon as they happen, and alert you to any problems

  • Live Chat Outsourcing for your website delivers a personal level of customer support and interaction that significantly raises the user experience of your site.
  • Bridge the gap between a phone call and form submission, Ashaun 24/7 Chat provides prompt access to answers. The end results with more leads, more conversions and a higher level of customer satisfaction.
  • When customers or prospects have questions about your products or need support, many of them prefer the two-way communication of a personal phone call. Others prefer the more relaxed email communication that may bring them an answer in 24 hours. The advent of live chat now satisfies a third group wanting immediate answers without the connection of a phone call. Instant answers to potential customers can considerably increase your website sales and lessen shopping cart abandonment.

Ashaun provides 24/7/365 coverage. Moreover, our live chat agents can learn your business, answer inquiries and be trained on the proper lead capture method that works best for you.

Ashaun can help you decide if web chat support outsourcing makes sense for your company. This gives you the ability to use one resource for all the methods that your customers and prospects want to contact you.

It’s no longer about cutting costs and saving money. It is about doing things faster, more resourcefully, getting to the market more rapidly than your competitors, and maximizing workforce flexibility.

Amplifies marketing awareness by


Amplifies the identification of promising sales leads by


Improved early-stage direct engagement by


Improved mid-stage engagement by


Boosted closings by


Improved post-sales education by


A recent study found that customers who use Live Chat are three times more likely to buy, since this method of contact provides direct and personal interaction.


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