Customer Care

Connecting with customers through Ashaun's industry-trained agents gives your brand a quality solution for satisfying customer needs and wants seamlessly, the first time and every time. Our U.S. based multilingual agents are equipped socially, emotionally, and professionally to handle all levels of problem solving and complexity in one call, creating customer experiences that deliver positive outcomes and lead to long-term loyalty.

Technical Support

Today, many global companies use off-shore and nearshore technical support to save money. The problem is, that many of these foreign operations are indistinguishable from the hacker units scouring the globe looking for victims. At Ashaun, our live, highly trained, technical support agents are based in Memphis, Tennessee. When you hire us, we give you a highly-secure U.S. based quality support solution that you and your customers can rely on 24/7/365. Here, there is no underlying fear, just outstanding Level 1-3 technical support services that your U.S. based customers want, need, can understand, and trust.

Inbound Tele-Sales

Online sales have exploded over the last decade. Ashaun inbound tele-sales agents give you the sales support you need, to meet customer demand for your products and services year-round. Commercial ad campaigns that client businesses use to create interest and drive sales need tele-sales support to clarify offers, answer questions, and take orders over the phone. At Ashaun, we train professional sales agents to seamlessly handle these calls for your company as an extension of your sales team. Our goal is to help you expand your business, generate revenue, and create great customer experiences for new and existing customers - the kind of positive experiences your clients and customers need to become raving fans of your brand, and loyal customers - for life!

Upselling & Cross-Selling

Connecting with existing customers through Ashaun's quality sales agents gives your brand a quality solution for up-selling and cross-selling current customers. At Ashaun, we work closely with client marketing and sales teams to ensure that our dedicated sales agents are fully-trained to positively impact your sales throughout the year. Based on your needs, goals, sales calendar, product and service inventory, and preferred processes, our fully-scripted, highly-motivated, sales support team members can make a BIG Difference to your bottom line! At Ashaun, you can count on us to connect with customers in the right way, at the right time, to support add-on sales and ongoing revenue generation, every day, on every call, year round.

Customer Win-Back
and Retention

When customer expectations are not met and promises are not kept, when clients and customers don't hear from you, and you don't hear from them; when relationships sour, and customers and clients stop buying - you've got a problem. Through Ashaun's B2B and B2C win-back and retention services, we work with your firm to provide former and current client/customers the value-added attention they need, to once again feel valued and appreciated. Reconnecting with customers through Ashaun's industry-trained professional agents gives your brand a seamless, quality solution for restoring and re-fueling lost relationships. If you have this need, we have a solution. Call Ashaun! We can help you create the positive customer experience strategies and infrastructure you need to not only grow your company, but "win back" and retain the vital, long-term loyalty of your most important asset - your clients
and customers!

Order Taking

Different companies take customer orders in different ways. Connecting with customers through Ashaun's industry-trained agents gives your organization a quality solution for expediting the process efficiently and effectively, so customer needs (and your needs as a client) are fully understood and met, the first time and every time. To this end, highly-trained Ashaun support team members work seamlessly 24/7 with major companies and government entities, meeting and exceeding service needs and expectations, by funneling commercial and tech support operations through Ashaun to optimize transactional performance day-by-day and year-over-year.

Billing & Collections

At Ashaun, we partner with major billing and collections firms to support their operational needs. Serving as a clearing house for billing and collection questions from past due customers, Ashaun's industry-trained agents provide clear answers and helpful instructions to individuals and businesses who have fallen behind on payments. We help to de-escalate issues in a calm, professional, friendly and understanding way, to support the billing and collection needs of both companies and government entities. Our U.S. based multilingual agents are equipped socially, emotionally and professionally to handle all levels of the problem solving and complexity in one call, creating in-bound experiences that lead to paid bills and positive outcomes for all parties.

Third-Party Verification

Client companies we work with often require third-party verification to support the security and privacy needs of customers transitioning from one service to another. Third-party verification is a process of getting an independent party (Ashaun) to confirm that the customer is actually requesting a change.

This frequently occurs when ordering a new service or product. By putting the customer on the phone, the TPV provider is able to ask the customer for his identity, confirming that he or she is  the authorized decision maker, so the order can be confirmed.

Customer Surveys

Internal research is a major need at most companies. At Ashaun, we support this need through strategic customer and employee research designed to help clients tap into the knowledge, frustrations, and unmet needs of both groups. Because they are intimately familiar with the client organization, the industry, and their own unmet needs, customers and employees serve as a wealth of information. Customers and employees know exactly what a business needs to do to win their long-term loyalty and commitment. At Ashaun, we uncover the core issues that drive attrition, along with the solutions needed to turn disengaged employees and uninspired customers into life-long advocates and fans. Because they rarely volunteer it, people have to be asked for their input. At Ashaun, we work with Corporate and Institutional leaders to identify and understand the root cause of dissatisfaction in both groups. Our experienced, U.S. based, research staff can help you discover what you've been missing - real answers to real problems - that save time, money, and lead to a fully-engaged workforce and rock solid customer base, loyal to both your company and brand.

Back Office BPO/ Staffing

Ashaun solutions provide Back Office and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) support for several clients. We recruit and select team members for these projects based on the client organization's specific needs and criteria. Many of the projects we are hired for involve high-tech, analytical skills, and related team training. Depending on the project size and scope, initial training is typically provided by the client. This in-depth training leads to a seamless support operation that makes our role as an outsourced resource invisible to the customer. After the client training period is complete, future training needs then transition to Ashaun. Whatever your industry-specific support needs are, Ashaun's highly-trained teams are here to support you as a vital resource, delivering proven, quality solutions that will satisfy both you and your customers.