Service Level Agreement (SLA) views let your team easily see SLA status and avoid gaps. Apply your SLA’s based on the parameters you establish and you can monitor the performance metrics down to the miniature.

Ashaun Interface

Ashaun is where your customer service technology come together, we’ve created a well-oiled, data-driven instrument that answers your customer issues swiftly. Our contact center technology architecture and processes are in place.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

A computer-based system that enables customers to use a keypad or voice commands to provide information without the assistance of a human agent.

Knowledge Management System

A central repository of information that can be easily searched, helping to cut down on agent training time.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) System

This is a computerized system that analyzes incoming calls and distributes the calls based on varying factors.

Email Response Management System

A system that collects and analyzes customer inquiries submitted via email, and then routes the inquiries to the appropriate agent.

Mobile Access

Support for a mobile friendly communication services via text support.