Connect with Customers 24/7. Meet Their Needs. Protect Their Data. Win Their Loyalty.

Client Information Protection (CIP)

No asset is more important to Ashaun than the trust of our clients and the security of your data. The 24/7 services Ashaun provides are backed by Industry Best Practice Standards for Client Data Protection, Security, Systems and Protocols for Contact Center Networks.

Ashaun's Information Protection team is vigilant in keeping client data protected and secure. Using internal and third-party 24-7 system monitoring, and a bi-annual "Review and Refresh" process to stay ahead of the curve, Ashaun makes ongoing upgrades to its technology, network infrastructure, data security systems, and related policies, in line with current Industry Best Practice standards for data security and contact center operational efficiency, quality and performance.

High-Speed ACD & IVR Technology

Ashaun Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, work together to deliver high-speed, quality experiences that quickly connect B2C and B2B customers to the right service area and support team members in the least amount of time. Quality and Speed matter. Through this technology, access to agent support is accelerated, manual transfers are eliminated, and the overall customer experience further enhanced.

Multimedia Services and Support

Ashuan technology delivers the service support needs, requirements, and preferences of clients and their customers via Phone, Email, Chat, and Text. Regardless of the medium, through Ashuan Multichannel Services and Support, inbound customers and prospects are quickly connected to friendly, helpful, professional agents (pre-approved by your team) and assigned to your project based on their industry experience, service area qualifications, and media expertise. Ashaun requires expert-level certification training for all multimedia agents assigned to any client project team. This supports the quality and end results you expect, and the service expectations we demand. For our agents, clients, their customers, and Ashaun the predictable outcome is pure Win! Win! Win!